Hermitage of Santa Lucia

The Hermitage of Santa Lucia on the grounds of Tenuta di Spannocchia is located in Rosia, Italy (near Siena). Rosia has been a monastic site since 1170, and Augustinians lived there until 1638. What remains today is part of the former community quarters. The original Gothic church remains sit atop a much older church. Excavation has revealed tombs dating from the 10th century. 

In 1993, I assisted an assistant professor from Kansas State University by measuring and producing (in centimeters) drawings of the monastery. 

Tenuta di Spannocchia

Established in the 11th century near Siena, the Tower was the first structure on the 1,100 acre property. Over time, the Villa and Fattoria, as well as Pulcinelli and the outlying farmhouses were added. In March of 2018, I documented the vertical dimensions of the buildings, as well as locating the utility shut-off locations. Using the original CAD drawings provided by Carlo Renzi, I was able to begin the work in REVIT and am currently constructing the 3D model.