For Cuyahoga Community College, Corporate College East in Highland Hills, Ohio, we detailed and produced shop drawings and fabrication tickets for the Sandstone Dimensional Veneer for the facility. 

Jackson Place, Entry Stairs for (7) Adjacent Buildings, in Washington, D.C. located behind the White House, and across from Lafayette Park.  The work I was responsible to this project includes:  As-Built documentation, photographic documentation, field measurement of all exterior stone stairs, balustrades, railings and newell posts, and Shop Drawings / Shop Tickets for each piece of stone for re-fabrication.  From the period 2001-2003, I traveled several times to the jobsite to take intricate field measurements and photographic documentation of the complicated existing stairs.  Some existing railings were curving in two directions, called a "ramp and twist", a very complicated shape to measure and draw.

Jackson Place is a series of 1850's row houses, with sensitive infill row houses courtesy of the interest of Ms. Jackie Kennedy in the 1960's to save the structures from disrepair.  The existing stone stairs were red sandstone from England, which were badly weathered and in need of replacement. 

Oberlin College Science Center located in Oberlin, OH, was a project that spanned from 1999 - 2002.  I attended the weekly site meetings, and prepared the Shop Drawings and Shop Tickets for over 28,000 vertical s.f. of Ohio Sandstone veneer panels.  The project connected existing buildings with additions that blended the stone veneer, brick, and glass.

Ohio Weslyan Science Facility is located at Ohio Weslyan University in Delaware, OH.  The project was designed with a nice compliment of "rock face" stone bands with smooth panels.  We produced the Stone Shop Drawings and Shop Tickets for the project.

Sacred Heart Cathedral, located in Charleston, West Virginia, is an over 100 year old church that would be restored with a historically sensitive Addition.  My job was to help detail the Addition to match the existing structure.  My team and I also produced the Shop Drawings and Fabrication tickets.  I traveled to the job site to document with photographs and drawings.

As the stone for this project was fabricated in India, long distance communication with the fabricator was necessary for completion.